Australian swimmer Shayna Jack tested positive to the banned substance Ligandrol in June. Just before competing at the world swimming championships in South Korea in July.

According to journalists and social media Jack said she did not knowingly take Ligandrol.

Jack, 20 said she “did not intentionally take this substance” and will” fight to clear my name”.

The news came 13 days after Shayna withdrew from the world Aquatics Championships in South Korea for “personal reasons” Swimming Australian(SA) have confirmed the results.

Shayna Jack is looking in a 4 year ban from the ASADA, over the positive result of Ligandrol in her system.

In a social media post entitled ‘The day my life turned upside down’, Jack says she was notified of the test results by Asada on 12 July. She was provisionally suspended by Swimming Australia and flew home from a training camp in Japan.

This incident just shows us so many things. Now either the 4 times champion  Shayna Jack used Lingandrol knowingly or not we can’t say anything. However it was detected Ligandrol in her system.

Another note to be made here is the fact that she claims that he unknowingly have consumed it. It just shows how important is the product to be with high quality and to contain only the products that have been discribed. Because thang goodness it was only a 4 ban the punishment and not anything more serious.

We all know how powerful and the great results Ligandrol brings on the table when it comes down to muscle mass gains and strength increase.

You can see that that’s just atheletes from this year being tested positive.

Ligandrol works! and it works really well. To the point that athletes are taking it so they can become the best of the best.

You may ask, why do the athletes us sarms and not steroids?

Well it has been proven that SARMs are way more safer and less negative side effects as if taking steroids. You can read more about “What are sarms?”  click here

Ok then what is Lingadrol? And why is it so sough after?

What is Ligandrol  LGD – 4033?

Ligandrol also known as LGD -4033 is the most successful SARM for increasing muscle mass and strength that you would ever try! It creates an anabolic environment and in the same time strengthens the bone structure and joints. This combination can literally transform you into a machine for muscles. You will feel as there aren’t limits to what you can achieve!


LGD – 4033 The Real Mass

Some users such as bodybuilders and athletes are reporting that Ligandrol is more powerful then some steroids! Dosages from 10mg can help you gain 3-4 kg of muscle mass only in a month. The effect of this SARM is strong, qualitative and continues. Not as the steroids such as Dianabol and Androl, which only enlarge your muscles and once stoped the muscles deflate back like a ballon. 

What gains can you expect from Ligandrol?

Muscle Mass.

 With Ligandrol you can expect to gain in the region of 3-4 kg in a month combined with a good diet and exercise.

There are other great ways to increase muscle mass with Ligandrol. That is to combine it with other products of SARM family. Such as Ostarine, Ibutamoren, YK11 and Andarine S4. Now you can combine Ligandrol with one of these products above or you can combine it with multiple. The best combination for beginners(it can be used by advanced gym goers) and that is with Ostarine (MK-2866) and Ibutamoren (MK-677). If you combine this as a stack of 3 products – Ultimate Stack for Muscle Mass, the results reported from this stack have been  crazy! Gains from 6-8kg on avg. of muscle mass in the period of 8-10 weeks with no problem.

It is recommended a diet rich on calories and increase of at least 30% of protein intake.

Increase Strength.

With Ligandrol you can notice drastic increase of strength in the first week from only 8mg per day! It is very impressive that Ligandrol can have a such high impact on strength increase levels. Even higher levels then steroids bring.

This is also one of the main reason why is so much sough after athletes due to the incredible strength it can bring you, with that it also bring endurance. It is perfect for swimmers, cyclist, cross-fit, lifting sports, weightlifting and so on.

Very popular combination is Ligandrol and Ostarine for building muscle mass, endurance and bone strengthening and joint strengthening with combination of trauma prevention and injuries recovery. 


Why are atheltes taken SARMs?

My answer to this question will be: Are you an athlete? Have you sacrificed, have you worked so hard all year or for what it feels “all your life” for this one event, this one moment of competition? And if YES you will know that most times being “natural” it’s not easy, in fact it could be very difficult. Am i saying that every athlete should be using supplements that will increase your strength, endurance, focus, motivation? No i am not saying that. It is personal choice! For what is worth i prefer seeing people using SARMs then steroids. Why? Because SARMs are much safer then steroids are.

It is a massive shame that some athletes are tested positive for some banned supplement and that cause them to opportunity to compete for X amount of years, or tournaments what every i might be!

Bottom line is though no matter the reasons to why athletes are using SARMs, the fact is. SARMs work, and they work really well. Ligandrol(LGD-4033), Ostarine (MK-2866), Cardarine(GW-501516)  these and many other are on the “black list” of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), because these products increase the preformance of the athletes.

We see not long ago another big name Jarrell Miller tested positive for Cardarine. And he got suspended to box for a while too.

Thank you for your time!

For what is worth! If you choose to go and try this products and experience the increase of performance as these amazing athlete did, please be careful where you shop from. The internet could be full of bad suppliers and not pure SARMs. Again, for what is worth our personal recommendation will be to use iMuscle SARMs store. They have numbers of years on the market and with known high quality of product and customer service. It is your choose what you decide to do with this information i have collected and combined and put forward to you.

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